IC2 essentials in film

Looking back at the project, we find there are a number of points we wish to share with you all regarding our experiences, plans and expectations. The first video gives a brief overview of how working with the project has affected our day-to-day business. The second video goes deeper into the specifics of what has been achieved through IC2.

Enjoy the viewing!



Thorough article on IC2 and the final open meeting

Following the open meeting in Oslo, 17 September 2013, Plastforum has published an article on the project and the open meeting September, 2013.

Read the full article in their e-publication (Norwegian only):

Presentations from the annual open IC2 meeting in Oslo, 17 September 2013

On 17 September the last of our open meetings was held in Oslo. The meeting gathered about 50 representatives from industry and academia. The day was packed with presentations on results from the project and reflections over further challenges, and the Norwegian Research Council provided information on Horizon 2020. The day ended with a tour of MiNaLab.

Downloadable presentations from the meeting:

Lars Tore Gellein, Coordinator of the IC2 project, SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing, Norway:
An introduction to the EU project IC2 - Intelligent and Customized Tooling
Dr. Martin Geiger, Cirp, Germany:
Industrial demonstrators - an instrument to shift R&D results into real business processes
Dr. Bjarke Holl Christensen, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark:
Embedded thin-film temperature sensors on tool parts with tailored protective coatings
Sanna Tervakangas, DIARC-Technology Oy, Finland:
Thin film coatings for plastic moulding tools
Vegard Brøtan, NTNU, Norway and Dr. Klas M. Boivie, SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing, Norway:
Hybrid Manufacturing - combining subtractive and additive manufacturing techniques
Lars Stenerud, Plasto, Norway:
IC2 demonstrator: Practical challenges in advanced injection moulding
Dr. Klas M. Boivie, SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing, Norway:
IC2 demonstrator: Knowledge Intensive Tooling
Stephan Schüle, Frauhofer IAO - Institute for Industrial Engineering, Germany:
From business opportunities to business models - impact of new technologies on the collaboration network of the tooling industry



IC2 presented at AM plattform meeting

The entire IC2 project, with emphasis on Hybrid manufacturing and the WP7 demonstrator, was presented at the AM-platform meeting in Brussels on June 13th.

The Hybrid Cell presented at RapidTech 2013

Dr. Klas Boivie presented the Hybrid Cell at RapidTech conference in Erfurt, Germany, on May 15th.

EuroMold 2012

IC2 had a booth at Euromold 2012 in Frankfurt, 27-30 November 2012. We made contact with many other scientists, engineers and managers who showed great interest in the various topics addressed by IC2.

ic2 euromold 2012
Lars Tore Gellein (right) and Tommy Schönberg (middle) presenting the IC2 project to visitors at EuroMold 2012.
photo: IC2

We prepared a video for Euromold that gives you a quick introduction to the project and what we would like to achieve. Please find it here: video

The handouts below are quick introductions to the different topics and focus areas of the project:


Inspiring industrial conference at Grundfos


IC2 open industrial conference Grundfos

photo: Lars Pleth Nielsen


On 28 September, Grundfos in Bjerringbro, Denmark, hosted an IC2 open industrial conference. The conference attracted a lot of attention, and more than 80 delegates from industry and academia participated on the day. A number of excellent presentations, both from the hosting company, the IC2 project and other externals, kept our energy levels up during the day and made the intervals buzzing with activity.


Lars Tore Gellein, Coordinator of the IC2 project, SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing AS:
An introduction the the EU project IC2 - Intelligent and Customized tooling

Klas Boivie, SINTEF, Norway:
Hybrid Manufacturing - combining subtractive and additive manufacturing techniques
Bjarke Holl Christensen, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark:
Electrically insulating coatings for sensor embedding and protective coatings with tailored slip properties
Tommy Schönberg, Acreo, Sweden:
Intelligent Tools with Surface Embedded Sensors

Dr. Martin Geiger, Cirp, Germany:
Industrial demonstrators - an instrument to shift R&D results into real business processes

Lars Stenerud, Plasto AS, Norway:
Practical challenges in advanced injection moulding

Peter Falk, Polérteknik, Denmark:
High performing surfaces and new ways of polishing

Stephan Schüle, University of Stuttgart - Institute for Human Factors and Technology Management, Germany:
New business opportunities in the tooling sector - impact of new technologies on the value chain

Ine Truijen, Sirris, Belgium:
Sirris - Smart Coating Application Lab

Johnny Overgaard, Grundfos A/S, Denmark:
High tech production at Grundfos

Jesper de Claville Christiansen, Aalborg University, Denmark:
Manufuture: What will the production and value chain look like in Europe in the future

Claus Henriksen, The Danish Plastics Federation, Denmark and Jesper de Claville Christiansen, Aalborg University, Denmark:
The value chain - the demands to the tool producers


IC2 conference attracts attention

The upcoming IC2 conference (full programme>>) generates publicity for our project. Visit idag.dk and jernindustri.dk for full articles (in Danish only).

Coachulting Forum

The 7th Coachulting Forum ( http://www.coachulting.de/forum.htm ) was held on Wednesday June, 29 in Wernau close to Stuttgart, Germany. The event with 25 exhibitors and about 70 participants concentrates on manufacturing technologies for prototypes and small-series production. Presentations of 8 exhibitors gave an overview on new trends and manufacturing possibilities. Between the presentations, the participants had about four hours time to go into detailed discussions. Ralf Nachreiner presented the activities of cirp GmbH to bridge tooling and gave an overview to the IC2 project. At the end of his speech, he invites the auditorium to the IC2 workshop, which will be held on Friday September, 16 at the cirp location in Heimsheim, Germany. The second picture shows the auditorium with the booth of cirp in the background, where the participants had the possibility to get more information about IC2.

Audience_Coachulting_Forum Photo: M.Geiger
Speech_Nachreiner Photo: M.Geiger


The RapidWorld is a trade show for technologies used for flexible product development. Key technologies are Rapid Prototyping Rapid Manufacturing, Digitising, Scanning, Materials, Quality Assurance and Product Design. The event is focused on customers in south Germany and Switzerland mainly from the medicine business. The event is parallel to the Medtec, which is the largest European trade fair for medicine.'

IC2 partner cirp GmbH joined the fair, and used the oppurtunity to present our project to visitors. The picture below shows Ralf Nachreiner (left) explaing our project to Patrik Ohldin from Arcam AB.



photo: M Geiger


RSD 2010

Results from industrial deposition of electrically insulating Al2O3 coatings were presented at the conference for Reactive Sputter Deposition, RSD2010, in Ghent, Belgium. The Al2O3 thin film coatings are of relevance as an insulating coating for embedding the sensors in the molds.

The audience at the conference is experts from academia within the field of thin film coatings as well as producers of PVD coating equipment.

The content of the poster titled “Target erosion effects in reactive pulsed DC magnetron sputtering of alumina” describes how target erosion must be addressed in the deposition process to go from academic parameter variations to industrial production. Many of the findings presented at the conference are well known and relevant to most people in the community, however, neglected in many academic studies. The consequence may be coatings with dramatically different properties, if the findings are not taken into account in the production.

The hardness of the deposited alumina coating can vary dramatically with the erosion of the sputter target. This is due to the change from crystalline to amorphous coating. Note that all the data on the graph are made with the same recipe, only changing the erosion of the sputtering targets.

EuroMold 2010

The EuroMold fair is one of the most important fairs for design, rapid technologies and toolmaking industries in Europe, and takes place annually in early December in Frankfurt / Main Germany. The cirp GmbH, partner in IC2, was exhibitor in hall 11, booth C11, in the 2010 event from 1st to 4th of December. The aim was presentation of cirp services in order to deepen existing contacts and to acquire new customers. The fair was well visited. Besides the typical business conversation, cirp was able to discuss the contents and aims of IC2 with several specialists from potential customers. A small poster and handouts were used for the discussions. It turned out, that the aims of IC2 mostly fit with their requirements. A lot of visitors mentioned they will be interested to hear about the first results on the next EuroMold, or want to be informed if new services are created by these R&D activities. An increase in IC2 contents is planned on future exhibitions.


EuroMold 2010

IC2 partner cirp GmbH at the EuroMold fair in December 2010.

photo: Klas Boivie



Kick-off meeting in Norway

On the 25-26th of October the IC2-project had its kick-off meeting in Trondheim, Norway. Thirteen out of the sixteen partners were represented, with one or several participants. The social aspect is important in such a meeting. This picture is from the "fjordrafting"-session, a memorable boat trip to the other side of Trondheimsfjorden:


Kick_off1photo: Lars Tore Gellein

However, we did also have several sessions with financial, administrative and technical focus. The below picture is from a "work package speed-dating"-session:


WP-speed datingphoto: Lars Tore Gellein